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Born in 1985 in Alytus, Lithuania, Don4t45 is a hip-hop producer and rapper who emerged in early 00s as one half of the duo Gilus Depas. Q (then known as Quickas) together with MC Zhizhas released series of records which brought them regional fame as well as national recognition within the hip-hop community. Gilus Depas often gets the credit for putting their hometown on the map and have established a fan base which stayed loyal long after group’s most productive years. Being a rapper as well as the producer of the group, Q honed his skills by learning from his idols. His early raps were influenced by Lithuanian hip-hop pioneers such as UZI and G&G Sindikatas, whereas with time he developed a more lyrically complex, laid back - heavyweight style of his own.


Regardless of his pen game, Don4t45 considers himself to be a purebred beat maker. Conditions for his very first attempts were quite different to what most starting producers face these days: a PC that could barely run Fruity Loops and a mic ripped off from cheap supermarket headphones hanging on the wall. At the time being a fan of late 90’s New York’s hip-hop, he was inspired by groups like Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep. Without ever attempting to outright copy the style he managed to inject some of that raw underground grimness to his beats. Since then, conditions have improved considerably. Q's record lab is equipped to the industry standard and is now based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Don4t45 has spent years learning how to improve his sound quality.


2015 were marked by establishing Granite Jungle - an independent record label.  A move partly inspired by the large amount of local talent met over the years. Aberdeen hosts a lot of talented artists from all over the globe who may not necessarily have the best opportunities here to record and with that in mind GJ’s aim is to provide a platform for these people to create and release quality music that defies borders of any kind.

Granite Jungle Record Label